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Your heart, they say, is the size of your fist
But you keep on swinging til the feeling hits
Tell me your hands will make noise when I fall
Your kiss is cannonball
Yeah, it goes boom

Boy, I know you’re taken, oh my love’s forsaken, you can make a fool of me
I know what you’re thinking, oh her love was sinking, when you sunk your teeth in me
I know not to do what I’m about to do, but baby you ain’t through me
I’m Cruella

The end of love was a slap on the wrist
And it’s the burn, burn, burn that I think I miss
Tell me I’m wrong, tie a string to my sweet tooth
I’ll take the night, instead of the truth

Am I wishbone, cut off from my better half, better off alone
Am I a dial-tone, ringing like a bell, sinking like a stone


from Psychic Reader, released July 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Bad Bad Hats Minneapolis, Minnesota


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